Wish Dragon


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

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John Cho as Long
Will Yun Lee as Mr. Wong
Bobby Lee as Tall Goon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aktham_Tashtush 8 / 10

Even though it would look somewhat familiar, The movie still has its own lovable and enjoyable identity ...

The movie is as some reviews say a modern era Chinese Aladdin .. and there were actually a lot of similarities in the story of the Dragon/genie but still it felt so enjoyable and the story does feel promising and purposeful with an adequate amount of genuinity.

The animation is very well done ,, not like some of the last animations I've watched last year ,, it does look professional, glamorous and easy on the eye.

The plot is familiar but again entertaining and put in a modern way, the script is very quick, very connected and definitely very funny which what added that bit originality of movie.

The movie is very recommended.

Reviewed by jacobmatthewbrammer 10 / 10

More than just an Aladdin story

I keep reading reviews that claim this movie is just Asian Aladdin, and for a moment there in the movie I would've agreed and to an extent, yes, but it is so much more. These are completely different characters that are more relatable than street rat and sultans daughter. The villain isn't some Wiseman magician with a parrot, and the female lead's father isn't a doting sultan but is instead a busy man that hasn't the time for his daughter because he wants to make a future for her. The only true similarity is the 3 wishes and the jade teapot which could be replaced by a lamp in Aladin and that the wish dragon like genie assumes the only thing someone would want is wealth. This movie is not just a boy winning a girl's heart, but a moral journey that teaches that there are more important things than wealth. It is more wholesome of a story and if people only look past the similarities between this an Aladin, they might actually like this more. Sure there aren't any snazzy songs and dances, and yes, it has its similarities, but even if this were just Aladin retold, it is done tastefully artistically and has more wholesome value. Every character is likeable, the context and characters are more relatable, the visuals are stunning and the messages are beautiful. (Yes, im aware this a moderately unorganized review)

Reviewed by Pingelingeling 10 / 10

If only you know China, you will get the story so much better..

First of all: it is not a Chinese copy of Aladdin, but a modern-day Chinese version of the story. The main character is literally named 'Din', after Alladin, Din is't even a Chinese name.

And second of all: why is nobody talking about how the movie adresses the gap between poor and rich and the fast developing Chinese society (namely Shanghai)? Not only that, but also about how the Chinese society is nowadays all about money and material?

This movie has so many depths, but most people will never know this, because they don't know China. They only see another thing that the Chinese has copied, and made into a cheaper ripped off product. Sigh.

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